Digital Identity and Password News

Why The Data Industry Will Continue To Thrive Under CCPA

The California Consumer Privacy Act — a set of data privacy regulations that went into effect January 1 — will give consumers unprecedented legal protection over their online data and is already causing lots of anxiety and uncertainty among marketing executives. 

Cyber Insurance Purchases Will Surge With California Privacy Law

U.S. companies are turning to cybersecurity insurance to protect themselves from lawsuits and fines with enforcement of California’s landmark privacy law set to begin July 1, attorneys say.

Your Philips Hue Light Bulbs Can Still Be Hacked – and Until Recently, Your Network

Today, we’re learning that vulnerability never got fully fixed — and now, researchers have figured out a way to exploit that very same issue to potentially infiltrate your home or corporate network, unless you install a patch

Tinder’s handling of user data is now under GDPR probe in Europe

Dating app Tinder  is the latest tech service to find itself under formal investigation in Europe over how it handles user data.

Google Under Investigation by Ireland’s Data Protection Authority Over Location Tracking

Ireland’s data protection commission has announced a new probe into Google’s handling of location data, specifically the “the legality of Google’s processing of location data and the transparency surrounding that processing.”

The High Cost of Password Expiration Policies

For many cybersecurity professionals, one of the more surprising ideas to come out of 2019 is the recommendation to drop forced password expiration policies. Forced password expiration policies have been around for many years now and are a widespread element of cybersecurity frameworks within organizations across the world over.